Now filling CO2 tanks on site!

While we take great pride in our Brew Shop line of extract recipe kits, one of the great services our Brew Shop provides is assembling custom and one of a kind recipes for our customers. All grain or extract.  We'll be happy to do either!

Send an email to, or click here to send us links to competitor's all grain or extract recipes for the kits you would like assembled, and/or you can also choose from any of our Brew Shop kits. We'll formulate a recipe with what we have in stock and email you an invoice that you can pay for through Once the invoice is paid, we'll assemble the kits and can normally have them ready for you to pick up within just a couple of business hours. We'll include professionally designed and very easy to follow instructions, as well as all of the necessary ingredients to brew your batch.  This includes priming sugar and bottle caps. Let us know if you don't need those items and we'll leave them out!

All you need to brew what you like, besides our fresh ingredients are water, brewing equipment, and time!