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I'm pleased to announce my partnership with Hawkeye Community College to bring you three new Home Brewing and Wine Making courses. Please feel free to click the links to the classes. That will take you to the site for Hawkeye Community College and you can get your seat reserved!
Home Brew I: Crafting the Draft $39  Register here!
Discover the world of craft beer and what is needed to successfully brew and bottle your first batch of beer. You will be introduced to the craft of brewing beer and learn the various ingredients, methods, techniques, and styles. Identify the next steps for brewing at home. Textbook is included: The Complete Joy of Homebrewing by Charlie Papazian.


Home Brew II: Making a Small Batch $99 Register here!  

Gain a hands-on experience with a small batch brewing process. In a small group, you will plan, brew, and bottle your own craft beer. The necessary equipment, processes, and ingredients will be provided. Explore the opportunity of designing your own home system. This class is held at Kitchen Wines & Brew Shop in Cedar Falls.
Wine Making 101  $45 Register here!  
Discover the world of wine and what is needed to successfully make your own wine. Designed for beginning winemakers or those wondering about starting to make wine. This class covers the wine making process, equipment, sanitation, basic chemicals, critical tests and terminology. You will be introduced to the fundamentals of the wine making process and gain an overview of the technical aspects of wine production. Explore how the many wine making decisions affect the resulting wine’s style. Textbook is included: Mary's Recipes, A Selection of wine making recipes for serious vintners, by Jerry Uthemann.
Please help us spread the word.  Feel free to forward this to any family members and friends that may be interested in attending a class and learning about this rewarding hobby.