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Crystal Hop Hash


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Hop Type: Aroma
Origin: United States
Alpha Acid:12.3%
Beta Acid: 25.0%  
Total Oil: 4.3mL/100g
Similar Varieties:Mt. Hood, Liberty
Common Styles:German Pilsners, American Pale Ales, 

About Hop Hash

As whole cone hops are processed into pellets, a small amount of lupulin collects on the screens as they pass through toward the pellet die. Previously lost in production, we now have deliciously dank hop hash. Hop hash is recommended as a late whrilpool addition, just before knock out to fully capture the hop aromatics.

An American offspring of Hallertau, Crystal has a similarly mild aroma with floral and spice notes. However, the spice notes can be more prominent in Crystal than in Hallertau or other Hallertau offspring, contributing slight cinnamon, nutmeg, or pepper notes. Crystal is both very popular and increasingly popular among craft brewers, who most commonly use it in light American ales and continental style lagers.


To preserve freshness, all pellet hops are packaged in nitrogen-flushed, oxygen and light-barrier packages, and stored under refrigeration.

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