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Tettnang Pellets


Hop Type:  Dual-Purpose
Origin:  Germany
Alpha Acid:  2.5 - 5.5%
Similar Varieties:  Saaz, Crystal, Spalter Select, Hersbrucker
Common Styles:  German and Belgian styles

The major landrace variety in the region of the same name  in far southern Germany, Tettnang has common ancestry with Saaz but a unique profile due to its provenance. It is a classic European noble hop. Tettnang’s complex and delicate flavors make it ideal for traditional German lagers, particularly Bavarian styles, Weissbiers, and German or Belgian ales. The flavor and aroma is a mix of floral, fruity, herbal and spicy - fresh herbs, grass, dried flowers, citrus peel, black tea. It can have a bit more intensity than Hallertau but with as much balance.

To preserve freshness, all pellet hops are packaged in nitrogen-flushed, oxygen and light-barrier packages, and stored under refrigeration.

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